Solutions for wood processing industry


Our raw timber

For all your wood-processing needs.

Large-sized timber

Sawn wood, veneer wood, peeler wood.
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Medium-sized timber

Poles, coppice, pulpwood, choice pulpwood, industrial and household poles, firewood.
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Small-sized wood

Pole and branch cuttings.
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Reasonable prices

We offer competitive rates that go hand in hand with the highest quality of raw timber.

On-time delivery

We make every effort to ensure that the timber we sell reaches our customers on time.

Transport options

On request, we can organise the transport of timber throughout Poland and the EU.

All-round support

We take a comprehensive approach to timber trading. We provide both sales and purchase services.

Top quality wood raw material

Qualitative and dimensional classification according to the standards adopted by the Polish State Forests.

Consistent supply of raw wood

We offer both large-sized and medium-sized timber:

WAO / WB0 / WC0

Sawn timber for the production of lumber.


Wood for pulp and board production.


Wood for pallet production.

About us

We have been operating in the timber industry since 2018. Find out why we are trusted by so many manufacturers and customers.

Loyalty in business

The timber industry is a challenging sector where time is at a premium. We understand this very well, which is why we emphasise the constancy of supply chains.

A Reliable Partner

We value reliable and transparent communication, which we perceive as the foundation of our cooperation with suppliers and customers.

Customised Solutions

Finding and implementing tailor-made solutions is a key aspect of our daily business. We are flexible.

New opportunities

Working with us will open up new growth prospects for your business and our network of contacts will allow us to match the best solution to your needs.

Import and export of raw wood

We offer brokerage services for the import and export of timber within the European Union and People's Republic of China.
Czech Republic
Other EU countries
People's Republic of China
Our company is a member of the Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry.

Inland transport

We organise the transport of raw timber. We work with reliable hauliers and specialise in finding optimal logistics solutions for the timber industry.

Maritime transport

Import and export using selected ports on the Baltic Sea. Contact us and find out more about the possibilities of transporting raw timber by sea.


ul. Krótka 3, Grzymałków,
26-080 Mniów, Poland

Phone number

+48 883 922 449

Working hours

Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 17:00


In Poland, selected European Union countries and China.


In Poland, selected European Union countries and China.
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